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Year in Review-Kid’s Edition & Year End Family Meeting

December 28, 2018

I love seeing things from my kids’ perspectives. Every night at dinner we talk about our highs and our lows from the day. It gives them a chance to talk about what happened on the bus, or what happened at recess. And we get to hear things that we might not otherwise hear.

And we love to do this concept once a year at the end of the year. We like to talk about things they loved in 2018. What was their favorite memory? What did they love? What was hard for them? What are they looking forward to in 2019?

And just as Colby and I set a “word for the year” every year, we are starting to do that with our kids. Honestly, they have been too young to fully grasp the concept in years past. And only one or two may get it this year, but we are going to try.

And that is why I have created this FREE Printable!

Simply click this link and it will automatically pop up and you can print it off and sit down and do it with your kids! It brings up great conversation. And if you have young, silly boys, you may get funny answers like their favorite memory is tooting 6 times at dinner. I remember hearing some ridiculous things last year!

And Colby and I make it a priority at the end of every December to talk about the past year and talk about the upcoming year. What worked? What didn’t work? What needs to change? We love incorporating our kids into part of the conversation as well. I have created this FREE printable as well to help guide your discussion. This can be a very fruitful family meeting and we highly encourage all marriage/families to review their year.

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